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AKABAL Pueblo not only offers a place to live in harmony with nature, but also provides its residents with a practical and effective solution to access healthy and nutritious food, strengthening their well-being.

Food sustainability is a fundamental pillar within AKABAL Pueblo, promoting the production of fresh and nutritious food, seeking to empower its residents to be owners of their own food supply. Gardens allow a variety of products to be grown, which reduces food purchases and consequently reduces expenses.

The incorporation of ORCHARDS in AKABAL PUEBLO will further enrich the sustainable proposal of the project, promoting responsible agriculture and food practices . In addition to the environmental and social benefits, gardens can also improve the quality of life of residents, encouraging a healthier lifestyle connected to nature.

Food sustainability.

Food sovereignty: AKABAL PUEBLO seeks to empower its residents to be owners of their own food supply. Gardens allow a variety of products to be grown , which reduces dependence on imported foods and promotes greater food autonomy.

Local and seasonal production: The gardens will be designed to grow foods that are seasonal and appropriate to the local climate , reducing the carbon footprint associated with long-distance food transportation. Residents will be able to enjoy fresh, quality products directly from the garden to the table.

Organic and regenerative agriculture: Agricultural production in the gardens will be based on organic methods, avoiding the use of synthetic chemicals and promoting soil health and biodiversity . In addition, regenerative agriculture practices will be promoted to enrich the soil and improve its capacity to capture carbon.

Reduction of food waste: With local production and the active participation of residents in the growing process, the need to transport large quantities of food is reduced, which helps reduce waste and losses associated with the supply chain.

Support for the local economy: The development of orchards will generate economic opportunities for small local producers , promoting the circular economy and strengthening the community.


Foods that can be grown in AKABAL Pueblo.


  • Broccoli.

  • Lettuce

  • Celery.

  • Cabbage

  • Jalapeno pepper.

  • Habañero pepper.

  • Tomato.

  • Dad.

  • Cucumber.

  • Tomato.

  • Onion.


  • Basil.

  • Radish.

  • Peppermint.

  • Rue.

  • Oregano.

  • Cilantro.

  • Beetroot.

  • Garlic.

  • Carrot.


  • Orange tree.

  • Lemon.

  • Plum tree.

  • Pitahaya.

  • Currant.

  • Nance.

  • Avocado.


  • Coconut palm.

  • Banana Palm.

Agricultural activities.

Poultry farming: The chicken coop must be oriented from east to west and must have an area of between 7 and 21 m2.

Beekeeping and honey collection. The breeding and maintenance of bee hives for the extraction and collection of products of various types of honey, royal jelly, wax, pollen, propolis and apitoxins, all for own consumption.

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