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Live in BALANCE with the environment.

AKABAL Pueblo , your deepest connection with nature.

Akabal Pueblo

AKABAL PUEBLO is a unique and avant-garde real estate development that seeks to provide its residents with an ecological and self-sustainable lifestyle, while committing to caring for the environment and sustainability. Located in a lush natural environment and strategically located close to services, this residential complex promises to be an oasis of tranquility and harmony with nature .


The homes in AKABAL PUEBLO will be built using ecological and sustainable materials, such as walls, floor and ceiling made of polished concrete and integrated solar panels. The design of the houses will also be optimized for energy efficiency and integration with the natural environment.

Model 1


Model 2



Render Model 1


52 m2 | Land: 312.50 m2

A plant:

  • Kitchenette.

  • 1 Bedroom.

  • 1 bathroom.

  • Stay.

  • Exterior pergola.

  • Spit.

  • Swimming pool.

  • Vegetable patch.

Render Model 2


92 m2 | Land: 312.50 m2

Two plants:

  • Kitchenette.

  • 3 bedrooms.

  • 2 bathrooms.

  • Stay.

  • Terrace.

  • Exterior pergola.

  • Spit.

  • Swimming pool.

  • Vegetable patch.


25 m x 12.50 m = 3 12.50 m2

AKABAL Pueblo not only offers a place to live in harmony with nature, but also provides its residents with a practical and effective solution to access healthy and nutritious food , strengthening their well-being.

Food sustainability is a fundamental pillar within AKABAL Pueblo, promoting the production of fresh and nutritious food, seeking to empower its residents to be owners of their own food supply. Gardens allow a variety of products to be grown, which reduces food purchases and consequently reduces expenses.

Where is AKABAL TOWN ?

Carmen beach

Carmen beach.
Mayan Riviera.

Excellent choice to locate AKABAL PUEBLO near the City of Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico. This location will provide a natural and beautiful environment for the development, taking advantage of the proximity to the coast and the diverse ecosystem that characterizes the region.

Locating AKABAL PUEBLO near Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico, adds a unique appeal to this eco-friendly real estate development. Residents will enjoy a lifestyle in harmony with nature , close to the coast, and will have the opportunity to explore the natural and cultural wealth of the region. This will reaffirm the commitment to sustainability and care for the environment in an exceptional and desirable place to live.

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