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What is AKABAL Town?

AKABAL PUEBLO is a unique and avant-garde real estate development that seeks to provide its residents with an ecological , self-sustainable and comfortable lifestyle , while committing to caring for the environment and sustainability. Located in a lush natural environment and strategically located close to services, this residential complex promises to be an oasis of tranquility and harmony with nature.

Main features and sustainable approaches:

  • Ecological design and sustainable materials: The homes in AKABAL PUEBLO will be built using ecological and sustainable materials, such as walls, floor and ceiling made of polished concrete and integrated solar panels. The design of the houses will also be optimized for energy efficiency and integration with the natural environment.

  • Energy self-sufficiency: The project will have a combination of renewable energy sources to guarantee its energy self-sufficiency. Solar panels on the roofs to generate electricity for the complex and its residents.

  • Smart water management: AKABAL PUEBLO will implement advanced rainwater collection, storage and purification systems. The responsible use of water among residents will also be encouraged through water-saving technologies in bathrooms, kitchens and gardens. The gardens will be designed with native, drought-resistant species to reduce the need for irrigation.

  • Green spaces and biodiversity: The project will have extensive green areas, parks and community spaces that will promote biodiversity and allow residents to connect with nature. The creation of community gardens and areas for the protection of local species will be encouraged.

  • Environmental Education Programs: AKABAL PUEBLO is committed to educating its residents and the surrounding community about sustainable practices and eco-friendly lifestyles. Workshops, talks and events will be held to promote environmental awareness and commitment to caring for the environment.


AKABAL PUEBLO will become an exemplary model for future sustainable real estate developments, demonstrating that it is possible to live in harmony and BALANCE with nature while enjoying all the comforts. This project offers a unique opportunity for those who want to live in an environment that reflects their commitment to sustainability and caring for the planet.

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